Where do I order?

  • Come up to the bar and one of our helpful bartenders will help you.

What Vegan and What’s Non-Vegan

  • Our Menu items will be marked with a V, for Vegan, and NV, for Non-Vegan.  We can make items vegetarian when possible as well.

Why would a beer be Non-Vegan?

  • Some beers might have an NV as well.  That is because they use animal products such as eisenglass [to filter the beer], Lactose sugar, or honey.


What time does your kitchen close?

  • Sunday - Thursday 10 pm

  • Friday & Saturday 11pm

Do you have separate Vegan and Non-Vegan cooking and prep surfaces?

  • Yes, We have two different areas on our flat top for Vegan and Non-Vegan items and we only have one fryer. Everything that is cooked in our fryer is Vegan.

When can I get brunch?

  • Our brunch menu is served only on the weekends from 10 am - 3 pm. Come on by!

What are the dietary details on our vegan products?

• We carry three vegan sausage options from Field Roast: Frankfurter, Italian, and Mexican Chipotle. They are all soy free but do contain vital wheat gluten.


• Our Soyrizo from El Burrito is gluten-free, and we use soy based vegan bacon.


• The Parmela vegan cheese shreds used for the vegan breakfast burrito, vegan chili dog, and vegan disco fries is made from cashew milk. It can be substituted with Daiya mozzarella shreds for any nut allergies.


• Impossible Meat contains soy.


• Follow Your Heart brand cheese used for Impossible Burgers is soy and gluten free.


• Our vegan pork from Veg USA used for the Korean bowl contains soy and wheat.


• Our Field Roast Sunflower Cutlets used for Wings, Kale Caesar salad, and vegan Buffalo Wrap contain wheat.


• All of our condiments are vegan, and our house vegan chili is gluten free.


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