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The time we’re currently in is chock full of extraordinary circumstances. Due to those, we’ve had to make some changes to our usual day-to-day and won’t have the full list of food options we typically carry available (there’s literally a super small crew running this thing). 


That said….what we ARE able to do in addition to our limited food menu is offer our always killer taplist in sealed 32oz crowlers to-go for the first time ever!


How do I order?


How are you handling order pickups?

  • Short story, as safely as possible for you and ourselves.

  • Long story, we’ll be using our outside areas for pickups. When you arrive please call us at 818.253.1710 when you are first in line and remain 6ft from other guests.  Please also have your ID ready to confirm your order.


What’s Vegan and What’s Non-Vegan?

  • Most of the food currently served is vegan and any non-vegan items will be labeled as such on our site.


Why would a beer be Non-Vegan?

  • Some beers might have an NV as well.  That is because they use animal products such as eisenglass [to filter the beer], Lactose sugar, or honey.

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